‚ÄčA licensed massage therapist and owner-operator of Shift Mobilization Therapies.

Raised in Yorkshire, England, A British Military Veteran of 14 years, I played high level rugby in both codes, representing Belgium in Rugby League. 2 Severe injuries and lengthy recoveries cut short my rugby opportunities Driven by a passion to help others optimize their movement potential while doing the things they love, I changed from my career as an electronic engineering technician to specialize in manual therapy and the study of body mechanics.

I have amassed a reputation for excellence, specializing in orthopedic massage, manual and movement therapies, injury prevention/recovery and performance enhancement. I have worked with celebrities and athletes from NBA, NFL, MLB, EPL, UEFA and Olympics
I look forward use my passion and expertise to help you alleviate pain and move better to achieve your goals.

what we do

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Shift Mobilization Therapies specializes in treatment of musculoskeletal imbalance and movement pattern disorders.

Shift MT is a comprehensive integrated assessment and treatment approach for improving movement mechanics, coordinating muscle sequencing and alleviating pain.

Shift therapy does not fit into a simple category

Combining Massage, Manual Therapy, Neuromuscular reprogramming, the study of body mechanics and mobility systems to create alignment, coordination and control.

We utilize techniques and modalities including myofascial release, traction, soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular sequencing, muscle testing, structural alignment, movement pattern analysis, special orthopedic testing, stretching, strengthening, creating joint space and control, cupping, muscle activation, tool assisted soft tissue mobilization, end range conditioning and more.

We understand that having pain and restriction of movement affects all parts of your life, our goal is to provide our expertise and care to allow you to heal, alleviate pain and enjoy doing the things you love.